Beauty Hacks – Travel Makeup & Gray Hairs




Lizzie Bermudez and I are back to share two more quick beauty hacks! We’ll show you an easy way to pack your favorite foundations, moisturizers and potions without taking the entire bottle. Plus, a tip to keep the gray away and prolong your hair color.

What are some of your favorite beauty hacks?  Would you like to see more beauty hacks from Lizzie and I?

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  1. I’ve learned a lot from the younger crowd on YouTube. But I hear what you’re saying. I never release my age on my blog/YT channel, but I am in my thirties, and I think people assume I’m much younger. Guess it’s all those potions I’ve been using. Maybe i should blog about it 😉

    • Melissa
      / 11:24 PM

      Nancy – Me too! You do look way younger than your age! You definitely should share your secrets! XX – Melissa

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